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We buy gold in person in our evanston store…..

We buy gold in person in our evanston store, Monday to Saturday from 10am – 6pm. You can call to set up an appointment or walk in, calling is better sometimes. We buy all gold 10k, 12k, 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k gold and are also a refinery and we pass the savings to you. We buy all gold jewelry from jewelers, retailers, dentists, pawn shops and the public.

Selling gold and other precious metals in the wilmette area has never been easier, we have the best gold refinery in wilmette and always take pride in our services in offering highest cash prices for gold and other jewelry. Just come in and see what we are all about!

Now is never a better time to sell your gold for cash, gold has risen back up in price and now is a great time to cash in and sell your gold, we pay top prices and look forward to have you as a client. Please call today for a quote or to set up an appointment.

We also serve other wholesalers and retailers that buy gold and pawn gold in bulk, and when it is time to sell you can come to us and get the highest prices paid for your gold guaranteed.

So when you are looking for the best place to sell your jewelry to in the wilmette, you can count on Cottage Jewelry!

We buy large diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and important watches. All premium brands.

We buy and sell gold in Wilmette – Evanston Illinois.

‘In our Evanston  shop we’ll also purchase your silver, platinum and jewelry, fine jewelry or designer jewelry. Just bring to our Buy and Sell Gold in Wilmette Illinois store your unwanted jewelry; anything like rings, bracelets, wedding sets, earrings, necklaces,  or anything made from gold, silver or platinum and we’ll give you a free estimate.

Whether you in the market to buy or to sell jewelry, we’re here to help you; there’s always cash in gold.

Maybe you have broken or mismatched jewelry, we buy scrap gold or even your old gold teeth; we can buy it from you and we will pay you top cash at our Buy and Sell Gold in Evanston Illinois. There is no minimum amount required when selling silver and gold in any form so after we weight and test your unwanted jewelry in front of you, you decide how much or how little jewelry you want to sell for cash.

The price of gold depends on the karat and weight. The higher the karat is the more valuable the price is. At our store Buy and Sell Gold in Evanston Illinois we will separate your gold by karat, than weigh it and calculate a price for you in just few minutes. We buy and pay top dollar cash for your gold valuables.

Regardless of their condition we guarantee that we will buy your gold jewelry, silver and diamonds for the highest prices. We often have a large selection of fine jewelry for purchase as well.

Come in to our store Buy and Sell Gold in Wilmette & Evanston Illinois for a fast, free & no obligation quote.

At our store Buy and Sell Gold in Evanston Illinois we have everything from earrings, necklaces, bracelets to watches and wedding rings at lower prices. Why pay wholesale price if you can get something cheaper in your local Evanston store.

Want to sell gold or your jewelry but can’t come to our Buy and Sell Gold in Wilmette Illinois store we have in-home appointments available. Of course no obligations, you get free estimate and if you decide to sell us your valuables you still receive cash instantly on the spot.

If you want to make some extra cash for yourself maybe you can host gold party at your house. Call us with the date and time; invite your friends, neighbors and family have them bring any unwanted gold and silver jewelry. One of our Buy and Sell Gold in Wilmette Illinois representatives will come and appraise their jewelry on the premises and pay top dollar cash for gold and silver in any condition on the spot. It’s simple and easy.

We will separate each person’s gold in groups by karat: 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k, dental gold, platinum and diamonds. Gemstone will be removed and on a special jeweler’s scale we weight each group of gold. Each karat group has a different price, more karats = more cash for diamonds. Than we calculate the total, explain everything in details to your guest so they can decide what and if they are ready to sell.

Evanston ……. At Buy and Sell Gold in Wilmette Illinois there’s no pressure, no obligations, your friends, neighbors and / or family don’t have to buy anything, instead they can make money. Your guests will be happy because most people have unwanted or broken gold jewelry at home so they leave your party with cash in their pockets.

You will be paid for hosting gold party, and if one of your guests will want to host a gold party at their home you will get additional cash. This is also great if you’re looking for a new fundraiser idea. This is a great way for charities, schools or organizations to raise funds.

Buy and Sell Gold in Wilmette Illinois also buys and sells gold and silver coins, single or entire collections, proof and mint sets, US and foreign currency, and yes; we pay the highest prices in cash for coins.
Just come to our {city) store and talk to one of our trained staff members, service is professional, friendly and confidential.


Wilmette Jewelry Trends + SELL GOLD

These days everybody is trying to get in on the We Buy Gold act. In Wilmette gold buying has reached a fevered pitch, with customers going from store to store looking for the best gold and diamond prices.

In Wilmette, many customers have decided to get the very best gold and diamond prices, they travel from Wilmette to Evanston and Cottage Jewelers, whose been buying gold and diamonds for over 40 years.

Here the Wilmette customers are finding that gold,  diamonds, estate jewelry are bringing equal to Wilmette prices, and in most cases significantly more.

Wilmette is a beautiful lake side community, but these days many shoppers are taking their gold, diamonds, estate jewelry to Cottage Jewelers, and Cottage Jewelers can pay top prices to Wilmette customers because they refine the gold themselves and reuse it.

Next time your in Wilmette with your gold, diamonds and estate jewelry, try going to Cottage Jewelers for best prices, we are just a few miles from Wilmette, and your gold, diamonds and estate jewelry will bring so much more at Cottage than in Wilmette because of our ability to refine the gold and silver.


Gold, silver, palladium, platinum, diamonds, and more……

What We Buy

Coins , gold, silver, palladium, platinum, diamonds, and more.

We are a jewelry shop so that is our specialty! We buy and  fine jewelry. We also offer free appraisals for individuals, inheritances and estates.

We buy all forms of gold. The line between gold and money is not well defined. Historically gold was often used as money, but today most gold is used for jewelry purposes. Due to all the economic issues in the last few years gold has gained a lot of attention. Although the price moves up and down everyday, being a traded commodity, generally, the gold price is at a high point these days.

Unfortunately, these high prices have created an opportunity for unscrupulous businesses to take advantage of the public. Many fly-by-night stores have popped up all over Chicago offering the “highest prices” (lowest) paid, even some people without stores, just traveling around buying (stealing) gold. The absolute worst hustle is the mail-in gold services. Don’t trust your wealth to these places. It’s your gold, it’s your wealth; you should not lose it because you are converting your gold into cash.

Historically, banks are where you would take your gold, silver, etc., but for whatever reason they are no longer in that business, at least not to the general public. Therefore, the local coin shop is the business that is open to the public when it comes to these matters. Everyone claims the meaningless offer of “highest prices”. At cottage jewelry, we can give you more money because we do a high volume of business. The refinery gives us better prices and we can pass that on to you.

We buy all forms of silver. Silver is a metal that holds value, just as gold does. But the majority of gold buyers will not buy silver. A few reasons for this:
1.The testing process is more complicated.
2.The market price for silver tends to move around quicker than gold (either, direction),
3. Refiners do not accept small amounts.

We also buy most forms of palladium and platinum,diamonds.



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Looking to sell gold or silver in Wilmette

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5 Steps to Successful Gold Selling in Wilmette

5 Steps to Successful Gold Selling Wilmette

How to determine whether you are getting a good deal?

With the gold price making periodic new highs and the economy suffering, more and more people are rummaging through the jewelry box for ways to raise extra cash. How can you determine whether the price you are offered represents a fair deal? With a few tools and a little bit of investigation, you can arm yourself with better information BEFORE you go on your gold selling quest. An educated consumer is a savvy consumer, so this is the best way to make sure you get the right price. You will need to acquire a magnifying glass, a sensitive scale capable of measuring in grams (such as a decent kitchen scale), a calculator or computer, and your old gold jewelry.

Gold selling is a very easy way to raise cash if you know what you are doing. Follow these easy steps:
Using your magnifying glass, determine the karat weight (10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, etc.) by looking for hallmarks on the individual jewelry pieces. The hallmark can be anywhere, but is typically on the clasp of a bracelet, chain or necklace; on the inside of a ring; on the post of an earring; and so forth. Separate your jewelry into different piles sorted by the different karat weights, or purity.
Weigh each pile, and make a note of how many grams of each different type of karat weight jewelry you have. Multiply your totals for each purity level as follows:
9kt weight x 0.375
10kt weight x 0.417
14kt weight x 0.583
18kt weight x 0.75
24kt weight x 1.00
Add all the new totals together.
Determine the current gold price by checking a site such as www.kitco.com or www.goldprice.org. Divide the current price by 31.1 to determine the Spot Price Per Gram.
Multiply the Spot Price Per Gram x your total pure gold (from Step 3). This is the Full Spot Market Value of your gold jewelry.

If gold selling were just about finding someone to buy your gold, it would be much easier, but you also want to find the right price. Make sure you follow the above steps as near to the day on which you plan to sell your gold as possible. When offered a price, compare it to the value you have already determined. Gold and silver buyers have to cover their costs, which include refining or melting the jewelry they buy, marketing and promotion, equipment, rents and administration. For very small amounts of gold, you can expect to receive 40-50% less than the Full Spot Market Value. For larger amounts of gold, you can expect to receive just 10-20% less.

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